Commercial Solar

New Phase Energy specialises in commercial solar PV systems ranging anywhere from 10kW all the way up to multi megawatt systems, ground mount or rooftop, grid tied or off-grid. We are able to provide a turnkey solution for our clients, from consultation all the way to commissioning and Operational & Maintenance


Battery Storage


Battery storage has been used in off-grid applications for decades, although in recent times battery storage is increasingly becoming a viable solution for many grid-tied applications.

Coupled with an inverter, batteries can be used to store excess energy for use later (charge during the day, discharge at night). Batteries can also provide peak lopping, where extra power is provided during high demand periods to reduce the maximum demand of the site (reducing power bills).

Sophisticated multifunction battery inverters can also provide power quality support and fault ride through for critical site operations.


Power Factor Correction

Power Factor is the ratio between real (kW) and apparent power (kVA). Power factor can range anywhere from 1 to 0, with 1 being the desired power factor and meaning that kVA and kW are equal.

With distributors increasingly charging commercial premises on kVA, a poor power factor can mean you are being charged for energy that you cannot use.

We can help though. At New Phase Energy, we provide solutions that can improve your power factor, resulting in reduced electricity costs and less overheating and wear on electrical equipment.


Design and Consultation Services

With our in-house team of engineers, CEC accredited designers, and business analysts, the New Phase Energy team has the expertise, experience and dedication to quality to provide your business with superior design and consultation outcomes.

We utilize our real-life experience, industry leading software and key industry partners to provide the most optimum and cost effective energy solutions for our customers.

Some of the key services we offer in this area are:

  • Grid tied and off-grid renewable energy design

  • Battery Storage design and integration

  • Energy data analysis and modelling

  • DNSP and other relevant approvals

  • Electrical Installation Design