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Our Referral Program

Whether you're one of our referral partners, or a happy customer recommending New Phase Energy to your neigbour - we'd love to reward your for your support.


Happy with your solar solution?

Why not refer someone to New Phase Energy, whether it's a neighbour, friend, colleague or family.

For every successful installation from your referral, we will be delighted to give you $100 to say thank you.

Referral Partners


Contact us for current referral rates under our partner program.

The Process

The New Phase Energy referral process is the same for both residential and commercial customers.

With your customer

  1. Introduce the solar offer using the material provided.

  2. If interested, provide James Doman an email with:

    1. Subject line - e.g. Bridget Smith (Kevin Jones)

    2. Client surname

    3. Your name - in brackets

  3. Body of message

    1. Client name

    2. Email address 

    3. Phone number 

    4. Any relevant information e.g. best time to call, whether married/partnered or single, if they have previously investigated solar, how soon they would like to take up the offer.

When we receive your email

  1. Upon receipt of your email, we will:

    1. Contact the customer and discuss the opportunity.

    2. If interested, schedule a date/time to visit the customer.

    3. Notify you (the referrer) to advise date/time of customer appointment.

After the customer appointment

  1. We will notify the Referrer of the outcome.

  2. If successful, we ask you (the referrer) to email us an invoice - referencing the customer name.


Invoice payment

  1. New Phase Energy will pay your invoice upon:

    1. Successful installation, and

    2. Finance settlement, within 7 days.

    3. Note – invoices are processed every Friday.


Contact James Doman on 0411 390 462 or if you have questions.

Referral Partners
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