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Battery Solutions

Great Value

Scalable battery design to meet any size or budget. Start small and grow the system over time.

High Performance

Highest power output and heat resistance in the market combined with long cycle life.

Back-up Power

Systems designed to deliver reliable back-up power for your home during a black-out.


Automotive design know-how and the highest heat resistance delivers a safe home battery.


Monitor and manage your system remotely.

Low Maintenance

Clean, compact low maintenance design that takes up minimal space indoors or outdoors.

Solar battery storage is the latest advancement in the solar industry. Not only does it allow you to store the excess energy your system creates during the day to use when you need it most, at night, it also allows you to monitor your home’s usage and charge your solar battery at off-peak times to really maintain control of your electricity usage.

  • The Solar Power industry is moving towards Battery Storage

  • With battery storage technology, any excess power your panels create can be stored for use when the sun goes down

  • Ultimately, if you don’t store it… You lose it. It may be worth considering your Battery Storage options

  • Battery Storage returns will depend on the size of your PV Solar System and the amount of excess energy your household produces.

  • For more information on Battery Storage and your Solar System, please contact New Phase Energy to speak to one of our Solar Specialists on the solution that is right for you.

With a large range of solar battery sizes and leading brands, New Phase Energy have a solution to suit your homes energy consumption, regardless of size and/or output.


Contact one of our Solar Specialists who are happy to discuss all of your options and give you the specialist knowledge to help you start saving on your energy bills today.

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