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3 Benefits of Solar Energy for Wineries

Did you know the Australian Energy Market Operator estimates 40% of winery expenditure goes towards electricity? Making it the biggest cost incurred in wine making for many wineries. Likewise, the South Australian Wine Industry Association states refrigeration accounts for 50-70% of total power costs. In fact, the Australian Wine Research Institute has recommended that to stay competitive, wineries should embrace alternative energy sources - along with other strategies such as night grape harvesting, to reduce refrigeration costs. And there are significant savings to be made. For example, Cathy from Dromana Estate saved $35,000 in electricity from just her first year of solar use. And it is clear, standard electricity costs are not getting any cheaper.

Impress your Consumers However, whilst our winery installations are motivated by environmental and/or cost considerations - what is interesting is the benefits beyond these that positively influence both retail and wholesale buying decisions. As an example, Paringa Estate Owner Lindsay McCall recently noted ‘just by customers walking down our driveway and being able to see the solar panels on the roof. It’s a good thing.' Solar and renewable energy reflect well on a brand. As renewable energy specialists, we're seeing a rapid adoption of solar throughout Australia’s 2000+ wineries - and these solutions come in all sizes and scale. From the Barossa's Pernod Ricard Winemakers working towards a whopping 2.8MW system, to the 99KW we installed at Dromana Estate Winery to the 33KW we installed at Mac Forbes - each of these wineries save money. Solar Influences Wine Buying Decisions Irrespective of size, what stands out is the ability to influence wine buying decisions not just by the quality of your wine, but your business values in producing it. Solar, and other renewable energy sources, provide an immediate point of difference in a crowded market - where consumers increasingly purchase as much based on values as they do on quality and price. And we're not talking an insignificant number. A 2020 Consumer Culture Report from 5W Public Relations demonstrated 71% of consumers buy products that align with their values, which increases to 83% in the millennial segment. Don't Get Left Behind! Sure, you will save money installing solar and you will contribute to our collective environmental future - but you also don't want to be left behind carrying the burden of heavy electricity costs and missing out on consumer sentiment that increasingly favours wine produced via renewable energy.

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